“They do not build barns "

... that how one of our clients answered the question why you should cooperate with us.

What does it mean? The building, which you want to build has to reflect your ambitions and goals, as well as to be attractive to your customers. To make this happen, this space must be unconventional, superlative, and rationally designed.

Does this mean that our architecture is expensive? No. We take into consideration the requirements of the market, the budget is for us a limitation the same as the area of the plot or purpose of the object. The difference lies in the fact that within these conditions we move with passion and creativity. In such unusual, unconventional and individual projects we specialize.

Evidence? Praise of our clients who appreciate the punctuality and culture of our service and professional advising. Numerous awards gained in competitions, frequent publications in trade magazines. Our architects are respected professors of Faculties of Architecture at universities and are members of jury in architectural competitions. Our portfolio of completed projects includes recognized objects such as: shopping centers (Forum Gliwice), public buildings (Copernicus Science Center), office buildings (FIS-SST). We constantly cooperate with Avestus Real Estate, Deka Immobilen, Metro Properties, EHL Real Estate Poland, Napollo Management, Jones Lang LaSalle and other renowned partners.

Such a class professionalism we offer in the service of your needs.

So, if you want to create a remarkable space that will be put at as a model to follow and will represent you - let's talk. Your vision and our knowledge will enable to create unforgettable objects.

This new paradigm of "building ad hoc" in architecture does not mean quality and total perdition of aesthetic ideals. On the contrary! Contemporary architects are competing with each other, competing in ideas - –  to design a building distinctive in standard and  of original character in the midst of mass production. Young architects Zalewski Architecture Group, a very modest funds, designed an exceptionally elegant office building in Gliwice at Bojkowska Street for FIS-SST company.

Irma Kozina. Ph.D., an urbanist and art historian, lecturer at the University of Silesia. A specialist in the study of modern and contemporary art, also involved in the methods of interpretation of works of art and history of urban planning.

The jury is full of appreciation for determination of designers who in the object of so dim scale and not so exposed location could create an object with such a high architectural value, highlighting the ability to apply concrete technology.

Justification of Jury’s verdict chaired by prof. Stefan Kuryłowicz, vice president of Polish Architects Association ,in 14th edition of the Polish Cement in Architecture Award; award for the entrance pavilion with a lift for the disabled in the building o

The facades of the pavilion [FIS-SST  Office Building], articulated vertically with arranged rectangular windows to a wall of wooden blinds, which also sunlight and unify the aesthetics of the facade. Subtle decoration of the entrance is a niche with a rounded corner, covered with a colorful decorative band. Logic of the concept, its uniformity and style of the building fits to a series of objects which represent extremely successful creative continuation of exploration of European avant-garde, gathered around Bauhaus and de Stijl group.

Irma Kozina. Ph.D., an urbanist and art historian, lecturer at the University of Silesia. A specialist in the study of modern and contemporary art, also involved in the methods of interpretation of works of art and history of urban planning.

Exhibition arrangement is of key importance for the reception of the entire exposure; it builds tension and excitement, imposes the way of looking at the work, it is another layer of narrative for the exhibition. The best exhibitions are those that have a scenario from beginning to an end and clearly communicate the curatorial thought and artistic message. Zalewski Architecture Group -  were chosen because of their extensive experience in designing interesting and clever arrangements that do not overwhelm the objects of the exhibition but are a background which creates an exhibition atmosphere and is the common denominator for various works.

Architecture Snob (Tomasz Malkowski, Marcin Szczelina - architecture critics and curators) – Curators of exhibition Westival Architecture 2013

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Projektujemy całościowo obiekty o dużym stopniu złożoności i wysokich wymaganiach technicznych. W naszych realizacjach znajdują sie m.in. obiekty użyteczności publicznej, biurowce, architektura mieszkaniowa (zarówno wielorodzinna jak i domy luksusowe), wnętrza oraz zakłady przemysłowe i budynki przestrzeni urbanistycznych.

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Our projects are the result of individualized creation, which takes into consideration client's expectations, user needs, specificity and uniqueness of the environment and challenges of the future.

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For us each and every good news is motivation and confirmation that our philosophy of architecture and operating principles bring satisfaction to both our customers and ourselves.


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We are lucky. The source of our creativity is a passion and love for what we do every day. As a result, we create unconventional solutions of high quality.

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The first contact is for us like the beginning of a new way in which we get to know the visions and ideas of our customers. We are pleased to show you how in practice we work. We invite you for a meeting.

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